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Alex met Andrew in Montreal in 2009 at the Comedy Festival.

The Pleasance Courtyard during the 2006 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, location of Lawrence’s Fringe performances.
Lawrence’s act exploits his range of voices, includes references to his ginger hair and songs performed on an acoustic guitar. His university debut led on to the Edinburgh fringe, where he was runner up in the 2003 So You Think You’re Funny competition. Subsequent wins of the Amused Moose Starsearch, York Comedy Festival New Act of the Year Competition and the BBC’s New Act of the Year Competition in 2004 confirmed him as an emerging talent on the UK comedy scene.

He presented his first hour-long comedy show at the 2006 Edinburgh Festival Fringe entitled How to Butcher your Loved Ones. It was nominated for the if.comeddie award (as it was known for that year only) for Best Newcomer. He has returned to the Fringe every year since then. His 2007 Fringe show, Social Leprosy For Beginners & Improvers, was nominated for the main if.comedy award. He returned to the Fringe in 2008 with a new show, Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There. This was followed by Soul-Crushing Vicissitudes Of Fortune! in 2009, The Too Ugly For Television Tour and Non-Conformists’ Guide To Civic Responsibility in 2010, the Best Kept Secret In Comedy Tour in 2011, Is Coming To Get You in 2012 and There Is No Escape in 2013.

Lawrence also tours widely in the UK, including the West End and occasionally outside the UK, such as the Montreal Festival

He’s one of comedy’s huge rising Stars and gives a rare and exclusive interivew:

Recorded 2011

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