Comedian Pam Ann Exclusive Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Comedian Pam Ann Exclusive Interview…..

Pam Ann is one of Belfield’s favourite comedians!

Pam (Caroline Reid) is shocking, outrageous, hysterically funny and as camp as tits!

The character of Pam Ann has developed a cult-like following and fans include Madonna, who describes Pam as “cruelly funny”.

Pam Ann appropriately named, has infinite number of jokes based on airlines related topics humour.

If you’re cabin crew, you might not only get a mention but become part of the show!

Pam Ann BBC Life Story Interview Pam Ann Interview Caroline Reid BBC Interview Pam Ann

This is a top night. Go see Pam Live – She’ll make your night take off and you’ll never require a sick bag!

Here’s Pam / Caroline’s story:

Here’s Alex & Pam Ann @ the BBC:

Comedian Pam Ann Interview with Alex Belfield @

Pam Ann is the air hostess alter-ego of Australian comedienne Caroline Reid.

Performances focus on the nuances of air travel, identifying the individual quirks of some of the biggest international airlines and their media stereotypes.

Her style leans towards camp humour, in the vein of Dame Edna Everage, Kathy Griffin and Chelsea Handler. The character of Pam Ann has developed a cult-like following and fans include Madonna, who describes Pam as “cruelly funny”.

Pam Ann nickname generally, as most of her shows are based on the airlines related topics humor.

The name itself is a play on words from Pan Am. In her shows, she refers to the so-called memories of the Golden Age of Aviation (the period between the late 1950s and early 1970s when the jet airplanes entered widespread use), often contrasting it with modern times, and visual/social changes like the lack of knives and glass on the board.

Overall, she also plays with the stereotypical views of airlines, like Virgin Airlines with model-nymphomaniacs, Alitalia with “they think they are all driving Ferrari”. Also generally she have at least “peek inside” into the current aviation industry, like commenting accidents or airline retakes.

She usually like to play live with smaller public – for example pub size, and treat guests like passengers of different classes. However her humor is sometimes strongly adult oriented – for example she wasn’t afraid to literally “show how to use the button”, or getting spanked during it.

Her postmodernism(or from time to time rather part of the post-postmodernism that is called sometimes “pseudo-modernism”) humor not limit to jokes from her own voice, but also to live on texts and discussing with public – like “I known that this was Airbus A380-800, not Boeing 747-400 You can check it on Google now.”

Recorded by Alex Belfield at the BBC for Celebrity Radio 2009.