Comedian Vinnie Favorito Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Vinnie Favorito Interview….

Vinnie Favorito was awarded the title of ‘Best Comedian in Las Vegas’!

DON’T MESS – If you go to his show at the Flamingo he WILL probably pick on you!

If you decide to move, answer your phone, cough, go for a drink….let alone heckle, he will notice! I advise you don’t!

Vinnie Favorito BBC Interview & Review 1 Vinnie Favorito BBC Interview & Review 2 Comedian Vinnie Favorito BBC Interview & Review

Milton Berle described him as “Don Rickles with venom!”

He’s incredibly talented, quick and most importantly – hilarious!

Combining his Boston edge with blunt East Coast humor, no topic is off limits for the tough-talking Italian who whips out ridicule and feeds off stereotypes while going around the room.

Having appeared on radio and television shows such as “The Best Damn Sports Show” in his extensive career, expect anything but the norm at this entertaining evening of raunchy comedy.

If Vinnie Favorito is your name, roasting the audience is your game. A famed comedian known for no-holds-barred humor, Favorito cracks up the crowd with jokes than range from racy to X-rated.

With a unique format show—one man, no production, and no script—he uses the audience as his best material.

He interacts with members and roasts them with a hilarious, unfiltered voice, hurling vulgar insults that are far from PC.

Not for the easily offended, quick-witted Favorito plays purely off the crowd’s response and reactions, so no two shows are alike.

Recorded 2007 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio and the BBC.