Coronation Street Tour Review

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Coronation Street Tour Review….

I have loved Corrie for 30 years. The warmth, humour, sarcasm & drama has made it the longest running soap in history.

For the last 20 years I’ve visited the Granada Studios at ITV to interview many of the shows Stars.

In Jan 2014 the show re-located to Salford’s Media City resigning the central Manchester studios to the history books.

Celebrity Radio has been given EXCLUSIVE photo access to the tour.

Fortunately the set has now opened to the public as ‘Coronation Street The Tour’…..

Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester (41) Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Rovers Return Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Cobbles

Enjoy an Exclusive HD Video / Picture review via YouTube:

The original set has now opened as ‘Coronation Street The Tour’ and the spirit lives on for now.

For more than 50 years Coronation Street has entertained the nation on ITV. The show now airs 5 times a week.

I just love this programme. Touring the set was one of the most fun couple of hours in a long time.

Until (at least Christmas) you can take a tour down the cobbled street, through the sets and even inside the Rovers Return.

Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Green Room Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Behind the scenes set

Located in the heart of Manchester, the old Granada Studios have now been bought by a developer and sad the set ultimately truly seems doomed.

This could be your last chance to visit this piece of British heritage, history and popular culture.

You begin the tour at the cast entrance which was most recently re-designed as the new luxury apartments home to ‘Carla’.

Next you visit the green room where all of the cast from Bette Lynch to Norris & Mary hung out in-between scenes.

You have an opportunity to take a picture behind the bar at the Rovers which you can purchase in the gift shop.

Alex Belfield Coronation Street

There is no photography allowed inside the studio.

You get to see many of the most popular sets including the Kabin, The Rovers, Jack & Vera’s pad, Ken’s love boat & more.

Below is Carlo’s penthouse pad (pic 1 & 2) & Gail and David’s door slamming home of endless drama…. (pic 3).

As you can see, the stairs go nowhere! Imagine the Stars who have stood quietly at the top of there after a huge fit of rage!

Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Carlas house Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester carlas set granada Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Gail & David's House

Tours through the studio take place every hour.

You get a guided tour with fascinating insight into the history of the show.

Who knew for example that sets with the colour orange in them were previously burnt down! Fascinating trivia.

Here’s some of the dressing rooms – they’re much smaller than you think!

Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Dressing rooms Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Granada dressing rooms Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester dressing rooms Granada

Coronation Street is in the Guinness Book Of Records as the longest running Soap on TV.

As well as the set and cobbled street, you also get to see behind the scenes.

You can enjoy a gallery tour where the director and producers put the show together….

Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Director Producers Gallery Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Guiness Record Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Gallery

There is a 20 minute outdoor tour with new attractions opened including ‘Kevin’s garage’.

You get to see the legendary stone cladded Jack & Vera’s house, the Bistro, Dev’s corner shop & Audry’s hair salon.

If you prefer you can just take your time and walk along at your own speed.

You’re invited to take pictures during the outdoor segments of the tour.

Coronation Street Alex Belfield

The Rovers Return has to be the highlight of the tour.

As always, this surprisingly small set comes complete with the jukebox, dart board, Betty’s hot pot and of course those fabulous doors that have welcomed so many legends over the years…even royalty!

The Rovers will leave you speechless with memories all of the legendary rows, fights, weddings, funerals, lovers and haters who have passed through over the years.

Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Granada Pub Rovers Return Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Pub Rovers Return Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester 2015

If like me, you grew up with Corrie you will love this tour.

It takes about an hour to go through the set and 30 minutes outside.

You’ll get a unique insight into how difficult it must have been putting this show together – especially when they went to 5 shows a week.

Finally the tour of the street is thrilling!

Review Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester Dev's Coronation Street Tour Review Manchester The Kabin

Don’t miss this wonderful walk down memory lane (literally) at Coronation Street The Tour.

5* for Corrie fans!

Get more details and tickets here!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 7th May 2015.