Corrie Daniel & Adam Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Corrie Daniel & Adam EXCLUSIVE Interview….

There’s two new studs on the street, but as normal, that won’t stop the fireworks on the cobbles!

Actors Rob Mallard and Sam Robertson will play Daniel Osbourne & Adam Barlow respectively.

It’s going to be complicated! The boys play Ken Barlow’s son and grandson (by Mike Baldwin).

Will their rivalry compare to the drama of their fathers’ legendary feud on the Street?

Sam Robertson plays Adam, who’s dad is Mike and granddad is Ken, while Rob Mallard will appear as Daniel Osbourne, Ken’s son by Denise Osbourne. WTF?

As Ken recovers from his stroke, Daniel and Adam arrive on Coronation Street where the drama will escalate bigtime!

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Sam Robertson Interview Adam Barlow Coronation Street Rob Mallard Sam Robertson Interview Coronation Street rob-mallard-interview

Here’s Alex’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Sam & Rob:

We first see Adam first next Wednesday November 16.

Here’s Alex with the Boys @ Corrie:

actors Rob Mallard and Sam Robertson

He rolls onto the cobbles in a red jag, wearing a camel coat and puffing on a cigar.

Meanwhile Daniel is discovered by a shocked Barlow clan the same night, sitting at Ken’s hospital bedside.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 9th November 2016.