Corrie Producer Kate Oates Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Corrie Producer Kate Oates Interview…

Kate Oates the new boss of Coronation Street and one of TV’s most highly regarded producers.

She’s promising lots of exciting times ahead for Corrie, with the return of Toyah Battersby, Peter Barlow not to mention explosive storylines for The Platts & Barlows.

Kate is most highly regarded for her work on The Archers & Emmerdale.

It’s now Kate’s job to take Coronation Street to 6 episodes a week and make sure Corrie remains the UK’s most loved soap!

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Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Kate & Alex @ Corrie:

Oates begun her career as a researcher and editorial assistant for writer, Germaine Greer and credited Greer as “inspiring”, “inimitable”, “kind” and “enthusiastic”.

Oates moved to Carlton Television as a researcher and script editor for soap opera, Crossroads, which she continued until 2003.

Crossroads was cancelled in March 2003, with the final episode airing in May.

Oates’ work on Crossroads lead her to begin producing BBC Radio 4 soap opera, The Archers, a place which she credits as the “bulk of her training”.

In 2012, Oates praised The Arches’s editor of twenty-one years, Vanessa Whitburn, calling her “inspiring”.

Oates produced the soap opera for seven years, choosing to leave in 2010
Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 10th October 2016.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 12th October 2016.