Criss Angel 2015 EXCLUSIVE Interview Las Vegas Believe

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Criss Angel 2015 EXCLUSIVE Interview Las Vegas Believe…

After 4 years, Criss Angel’s BELIEVE is still Celebrity Radio’s #1 magic show in Las Vegas.

Criss Angel is single-handedly re-inventing the art form to make it as contemporary, exciting & 2015 as possible using the latest illusions mixed with revolutionary light and sound design.

No other illusionist in Sin City has such speed, precision, staging and energy.

Not since Houdini has anyone invested so much time, energy, passion and money into this art.

This man has truly mastered his craft. The lighting is sensational, the sound is anthemic and the pyrotechnics are spectacular.

Combining his talent and unique energy with the added Cirque Du Soleil polish & magnificence – this is still the BIGGEST & BEST MAGIC SHOW IN LAS VEGAS 2015.

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Enjoy another EXCLUSIVE in-depth 20 minute interview with Criss Angel & Alex Belfield:

Criss Angel has truly built an empire in Las Vegas. With a 25,000 Square foot house & 60K Sq foot magic factory – this is magic on a global scale!

Performing 10 times a week in ‘Believe’, Criss is also busy producing two other shows ‘Mindfreak’ in which he Stars and also his latest production ‘The Supernaturalists’.


Angel has hand picked his favourite 9 magicians to Star in his spectacular (and enormous) new production.

Employing over 150 people in Sin City – Criss has turned a young boys dreams into a multi-million dollar empire.

Here’s Criss and Alex in 2015:

Alex Belfield Criss Angel 2015

Sleeping just 3 hours a night and working from 7am – midnight, his passion is his obsession.

Criss’s focus, dedication and drive is inspiring.

Enjoy this exclusive new interview from Celebrity Radio demonstrating the epitome of

Hear his exclusive story on what will be one of the busiest years of his life!


Review and interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2015.