Criss Angel Believe Luxor Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Criss Angel Believe Luxor Interview

In 2010 Alex Belfield reviewed ‘Criss Angel Believe’ at the Luxor Las Vegas for the BBC and described it as “A*+” and “The best magician in the world“.

Almost two years later Belfield returned to the Luxor to see Criss star in Cirque Du Soleil’s production of  ‘Believe’.

Well, despite the show evolving, nothing has changed. After more than four years on the Strip, Alex confirms that Criss Angel is still;

* “The Best Magic Show In Las Vegas (& probably the world)!”

* “A*”

* “Magnificent, Breathtaking & Inventive”

Believe really is the most brilliantly produced magic show in the world. It’s fast paced, cool and entertains men & women of all ages.

In October 2013 Criss takes his Live show to Spike TV for the biggest TV magic show of all time.

Criss has without question mastered his craft of illusion, magic and most importantly audience interaction. He’s so at ease on stage and has a unique energy that inspires the audience to enjoy his show as much as he does.

Angel is cool and fun and makes one of the oldest forms of entertainment in the world completely current, relevant and totally exciting.

The lighting, visuals and speed of Criss’s production is second to none. There’s no filler – it’s all killer!

Enjoy another Exclusive interview with Alex & Angel Live from Las Vegas.

Here’s part 1 of 3 with the master of magic;

What is inspiring about Criss is that he never sits back and takes his 10 year contract for granted. He’s continually working to make it better and better and better…..and it is!

The speed in which he delivers his illusions is literally breathtaking. The team around him and the technology of Cirque enables Criss to deliver his show in the most slinky, tight and professional way I have ever seen anywhere in the world.

Criss Angel Exclusive Interview Part 2:

Criss is the most downloaded magician in the world. One of his illusions has over 46 million hits on Youtube!

No-one in magic and only a very few in entertainment have achieved this remarkable success!

Alex couldn’t resist but mention ‘Dynamo’ from the UK who in Alex’s opinion has borrowed a lot of Angel’s stlye, content and even magic tricks (without permission).

You cannot fail to be impressed by this magnificent production.

Criss takes magic to the next level and makes it cool, modern and hugely exciting and entertaining.

Don’t miss ‘Believe’ with Criss Angel @ Luxor Las Vegas!