Criss Angel WORLD Tour 2015 The Supernaturalists Exclusive

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Criss Angel Supernaturalists TOUR WORLD EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW 2015….

Criss Angel is not just a master magician – he’s also a master perfectionist who pushes boundaries, attempts the impossible and lives to entertain with his art.

He’s turned his passion into a multi-million dollar empire pushing the limits, expectations and possibilities to new levels.

Criss has re-invented the staging, theatricality, casting, costumes, sound and timing of 2015 on-stage trickery.

The SUPERNATURALISTS continues its tour to the State Theatre New Brunswick in September 2015.

Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE interview with Criss from his home in Las Vegas:

In his brand new 2015 production – ‘The Supernaturalists’ – Criss has made magic exciting, dangerous, sexy and very cool – that is an illusion worthy of a standing ovation!

The Supernaturalists is without question the most polished, fast paced, entertaining, illusion packed, clutter free touring magic show in global history.

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Review The Supernaturalists Foxwoods Supernaturalists Criss Angel Review State Theatre New Brunswick NJ The Supernaturalists Criss Angel Tour Review 2015

So why is this show so good?

Well, Angel’s precision and speed is a given – that sums up his A+ show in Las Vegas.

The genius with this show is that he has selflessly hand picked 9 of the worlds most unique acts to star in this show.

With a seemingly infinite budget, Criss in usual style attracted the worlds most unique and successful illusionists, mentalists & magicians to come together for an all killer, no filler extravaganza.

This show could easily do extended runs on Broadway, in the West End or of course in its obvious home – Las Vegas.

Criss Angel Supernaturalists Review Foxwoods

The problem with most magic shows is that they are self-indulgent and at times simply ponderous. This is NOT an issue at The Supernaturalists.

Angel understands that padding a 3 minutes illusion with 10 minutes of ‘banter’, waving hands pointlessly and looking ‘mysterious’ just wont fly in 2015.

Audiences are discerning, impatient and need to be stimulated throughout a show.

Criss didn’t waste a second in this 2 hour spectacular and this is exemplified through the hugely entertaining audio / visual segments of the show.

The Supernaturalists Review Foxwoods Ct Supernaturalists Review State Theatre New Brunswick NJ 2015 Best Magic Show Las Vegas Criss Angel Interview

Criss Angel introducers each act on video & uses 2015 technology to interact Live with the audience whilst still performing twice nightly 1000’s of miles away in Vegas.

The sound system and sound production & music choice is the best I’ve heard in any magic show – EVER.

The lighting is equally brilliant and gives the show huge depth, character and emotion.

This show has not been an easy ride for Criss. He made national headline in June 2015 when a trick went seriously wrong in rehearsals.

Here’s Celebrity Radio’s Exclusive video that was broadcast around the world and on CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN & more:

Standout performances include the unbelievable Stefan Vanel who is breathtakingly brilliant, Spencer Horsman who owns his act with huge charisma, and to Landon Swank who masterfully keeps the show together throughout. Great charm and warmth.

Nods also to the adorable Maestro & Fifi who bring the heart and soul + laughs to the production. ‘The Dog Conjuror’ is genius & Banachek is a joy to watch.

Criss Angel Foxwoods The Supernaturalists Review Foxwoods Ct The Supernaturalists Review Foxwoods

I’ve been lucky enough to see all of the big magic shows over the years including Copperfield, Dynamo & even the recent Broadway hit ‘The Illusionists’.

They’re all unique and polished but in my view, The Supernaturalists is the most action packed illusion-fest of them all!

Bravo Angel – you’ve done it again. You made magic cool in 2015 to a sell-out audience.

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Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 3rd July 2015 @ Foxwoods Ct.