Criss Angel SLAMS Darcy Oake

Darcy Oake Steals Criss Angel Illusion EXCLUSIVE Interview….

Criss Angel is the worlds #1 magician having attracted 300 million hits on YouTube and generated $150M in revenue at ‘Believe’ Las Vegas last year.

He signed a 10 year, $100 MILLION contract with Cirque Du Soleil in 2008.

Angel shot to fame on A&E and has since pioneered a unique, exciting and often controversial style of magic. He’s now one of the most successful & powerful artistes in Showbiz & employs over 200 people in the US.

In  2006 during ‘Mindfreak’ he created an illusion, seen around the world, where he disappeared from a box in front of a huge crowd and then re-appeared in a completely different place to their amazement.

In 2014, Canadian magician Darcy Oake came 5th on Britain’s Got Talent in the UK. In August 2015 Oake repeated this incredible, identical illusion on The One Show by the BBC to promote his Autumn tour.

As well as the overall feel, Criss Angel claims that there are very specific elements of this illusion that were stolen by Darcy and worst still, two of Oakes creatives had worked for Angel and are still under confidentiality contracts.

Angel tells Celebrity Radio EXCLUSIVELY that after calling Darcy following the broadcast, Oake agreed to apologise and promised to publically admit his plagiarism.

Since that conversation Darcy has refused to comment and denies the conversation happened.

It is not surprising that Angel is furious and disappointed. There are millions of dollars invested, not to mention the issues of personal & professional integrity, honour & respect.

We called Criss Angel in Las Vegas to clarify his legal position and explain the pain and insult of having such expensive illusions copied without permission.

Darcy Oake Britain's Got Talent Steals Illusion BBC One Show Criss Angel Sues Darcy Oake BBC One Show Steals Illusion Magician Darcy Oake Steals Criss Angel Illusion

Here’s Criss Angel’s EXCLUSIVE interview September 25th 2015:

Darcy Oake shot to fame on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 where he claims “200 Million viewers” watched his performance on his website….that’s 4x the population of the UK.

The average audience for the series was under 8 million viewers according to ITV.

Oake came 5th with 8.5% of the viewer vote.

Here’s the screen grabs from the 2006 + 2015 version of the illusion. Double click to enlarge….

Criss Angel Sues Darcy Oake over stollen illusion Criss Angel Magician Sues Darcy Oake 2015 BBC One Show Darcy Oake Steals Illusion

This is not the first time Criss has outed fakers and thieves.

Angel spoke to us about Dynamo in 2011 after proving endless examples of theft and plagiarism.

Once again Dynamo refused to comment…

Celebrity Radio called Darcy Oake but he refused to comment.

It’s a small world now. YouTube has changed entertainment. You decide.

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Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 25th September 2015.