David De Alba Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s David De Alba Interview…

Born in Cuba, David de Alba and came to the United States after Castro took power.

While living in Chicago, David realized that he resembled Judy Garland, and developed an act around her hobo and clown acts. He studied her many live performances, and absorbed much of her excitement which he tries to portray in my act.

David met the late Judy Garland several times. Being the charming and humble Star that she was; when he told her that he impersonated her on stage, she replied “Do you like me that much?”

My most recent achievements are appearing on Univisión, International TV Network, induction into TG Forum’s “Gallery of Greats”.

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Through David’s career he’s working with and met everybody – all of the legends!

David lives in Las Vegas and has a remarkable collection of memorabilia.

We took a tour around his home to see his collection….

De Alba now collects Garland memorabilia. His collection was featured in a television sequence of KTVU news, “Segment II”.

David is best know for his live impersonations of Judy, Liza, Singing Clown Acts, and his own international character creation, Boy-Chic, which allows me to express myself singing in English, French, and Spanish.

Here’s Alex & David at his home in Las Vegas…

Interview recorded 18th May 2017 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio