David Terry Interview Magic Mike LIVE Vegas

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s David Terry Interview Magic Mike LIVE Vegas…

Originally from Indiana, David has performed on stage and national television with numerous artists including Madonna, Bastille, Neil Patrick Harris, the cast of Saturday Night Live and Shaun T.

He’s a remarkable singer who lifts the show throughout with world class lead vocals. His solo routine drives the women WILD! Talent + beauty is a KILLER combo – especially in Vegas!

David is one of the stars of MAGIC MIKE LIVE @ Hard Rock Casino. Read our 5* review HERE!

This show is EPIC! The energy is incredible, the show is beautifully produced & polished and the audience have the time of their lives!

We went backstage to meet David in Las Vegas and he couldn’t have been a nicer guy…

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Enjoy an interview with David via YouTube:

Performing has taken David around the world to train with teachers like Popin Pete, Mr. Wiggles, and choreographer/artist development expert Robin Dunn.

David recently finished performing in the iLuminate ‘Artists of Light’ Saudi Arabian Tour, as well as the lead male track in the Off-Broadway hit, Queen of the Night.

There are some beautiful ‘spec’ act moments in MML. David provides many of them with his lead vocals. The aerial act, bath act and legendary lap dance bits have all been done before, but, rarely more sexy, authentic and alluring.

Interview by Alex Beflield for Celebrity Radio 22nd May 2019.