Dennis Locorriere Dr Hook Exclusive Interview 2016 Tour

Enjoy Celebrity Radio Dennis Locorriere Dr Hook Exclusive Interview 2016 Tour…..

The show Dr. Hook fans have been waiting for is coming to the UK & Ireland starting Sept 23rd in Kings Lynn.

Dr. Hook is a name in pop music that evokes different things for different people.

Some immediately think of Dr. Hook as the group that gave them so many poignant, heartfelt songs as a soundtrack to their romantic journey through life, while others will remember ‘Hook’ as a band that was willing to provide a cheeky smile or irreverent belly laugh and a ‘two fingers up’ to the conformities and injustices of day to day living.

Dennis Locorriere is the voice of such classics as Sylvia’s Mother, Only 16, A Little Bit More, If Not You, Sharing The Night Together, Sexy Eyes, When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman, Years From Now and so many more more.

After years out of the limelight, Dr. Hook is now back on the road, fronted by Dennis Locorriere, the man who originally sang all the songs you remember and still love, presented in an evening of not only great music, but one that also brings to audiences all the fun and humour that was synonymous with the name Dr. Hook.

Dr. Hook starring Dennis Locorriere is bringing their Timeless World Tour to the UK & Ireland in Autumn/Winter 2016, with all the classics sung and played just the way you remember them!


Dr Hook singer Dennis Locorriere Interview Dennis Locorriere Interview 2016 Tour Dennis Locorriere Dr Hook When You're in love with a beautiful woman

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Dennis and Alex Belfield via YouTube:

Born in New Jersey and now living in Sussex, Dennis has become one of the best known voices in the world.

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Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 5th July 2016.