Dickie Arbiter Life Story Interview Buckingham Palace Press Office

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Dickie Arbiter Life Story Interview Buckingham Palace Press Office….

Dickie Arbiter is a television and radio commentator on the British Royal Family and an international public speaker.

He was the press spokesman for Her Majesty The Queen for 12 years until 2000.

After college in London he was an actor and stage manager in South Africa and the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, where he became a television and radio news reporter.

His television appearances include; Newsnight, BBC Breakfast, BBC News, This Morning, Larry King Live and Richard and Judy.

He is the father of Victoria Arbiter who is a commentator on the Royal Family for CBS News.

His book, “On Duty With the Queen” will be published in October 2014.

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Enjoy an Exclusive life story interview with Alex Belfield and Dickie Arbiter….

Here’s Dickie & Alex taken in London’s West End September 2014:

Dickie Arbiter Alex Befield interview

A broadcaster and journalist with over fifty years experience covering royalty, heads of state, and other globally recognised personalities,  Dickie was also responsible for organising the media coverage for Princess Diana’s funeral.

He is an outstanding speaker who is popular with audiences of all ages in both in the UK and overseas.

The best known of all the former press secretaries to HM The Queen, Dickie Arbiter is the man the world’s press always call on to offer credible insight when the Royals are in the news for whatever reason be it weddings, deaths, births, celebrations, overseas visits, scandals, incidents and general interest stories.

Exclusive interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 20th September 2014