Disney The Lion King At Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Disney The Lion King At Mandalay Bay Las Vegas….

The Lion King is the Elton John/Disney masterpiece. It played at Mandalay Bay Sin City.

It’s been on stage for over 10 years and still sells out wowing audiences 8 times a week across the globe.

Telling the age old story of love, honour, integrity, family and coming of age. It’s a beautifully fulfilling story.

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The Lion King excited, moves, entertains and leaves you with an incredible feeling of warmth.

Alex Belfield travelled to Vegas to talk to Mufasa ~ Derrick Williams.

Enjoy any interview about the worlds number one musical currently playing at Mandalay Bay!

Recorded 2009

Here’s Alex Belfield’s Exclusive BBC Review from ‘The Magic Of The Musicals’ for Celebrity Radio:

Here’s Alex & Derrick Williams….

Mufasa Derrick Williams The Lion King Musical Las Vegas

I’ve made no secret of my love for Disney’s The Lion King. I’m not alone….

This is the highest grossing musical EVER generating $6.2 Billion Dollars around the world.

It literally has everything you want for the perfect night out – with music by Elton John and some of the worlds most inventive, surprising, impressive and beautiful staging, costumes, lighting, choreography, script & puppetry – it has it all.

This is truly a guaranteed hit and re-pays your £70 investment tenfold in my opinion. Without question this is still the greatest family musical in theatrical history.

Review and interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.