Disney World Magic Kingdom Review Orlando Florida

Enjoy our Disney World Magic Kingdom Review Orlando Florida:

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is the most famous entertainment attraction in the world.

Disney Resorts have several parks on their mammoth property including Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach & Typhoon Lagoon.

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Disney World opened in 1971 and still attracts over 50+ Million visitors a year.

Their 27,000+ acre plot even has it’s own 3 lane freeway in and out of the park which runs for nearly 10 miles.


The Magic Kingdom is the first & original attraction at Disney and features the world famous Cinderella Castle which is spectacular and is the centre point of the park.

Despite the overall size of Disney Resort, including many hotels within the site, each attraction is big but not impossible to get around by foot in a day. Your hardest decision will be what to do first and waiting in line to get through the list.

It will take you nearly 1 hour to get into and out of the Magic Kingdom, into your car and out of Disney – it’s huge! The other parks on site are quicker.

You have the option of getting one of the many shuttles from the main hotels in Orlando, or you can drive to Disney World. There is an outrageous $15 charge per day per parking space. This is seems unnecessary to me as you will pay almost $100 (£60) per day to enter each park, so this is (in my opinion) a sneaky cost.

‘The Magic Kingdom’ has a beautiful entrance featuring a fabulous train that can take you around the perimeter of the park. As you walk in you will be blown away by the splendid ‘Main Street’.


It goes without saying that the park is impeccably kept and the grounds are beautifully clean and tidy and the flowers and plants are glorious.

The magic of Disney begins before you get into the park. You can cross the huge lake on a beautiful ferry. The kids will love this! Much more memorable than the monorail….although slightly slower.


I visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom in January 2014 for the first time and I have to admit the signage within the park, even in the car-park could be improved. The enormous car-parks are very confusing and be warned you could easily lose your car – make note where you’ve parked it! Maybe though I’m just a little hard of thinking.

I highly recommend you get a map and try and work out a plan. Even within the park it can be confusing. The entire park is on a scale beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Similar to Las Vegas casinos, once you’re in they don’t appear to want you to leave! Be warned.

So what to do….

The Cinderella Castle outdoor production is lovely for the kids, don’t miss it! It plays many times a throughout the day.


My biggest frustrations with Disney this vacation, and something that ruined the ‘magic’ are two things:

1) The cues are frankly ludicrous at times, and this is ‘low season’. One ride had a 75 minute wait today – who in their right mind would wait that long for a 15-20 minute attraction? If you did that 3 times you wouldn’t have any day left to enjoy the park. Having said that, 100’s were cueing so again maybe I’m just no fun.

2) BE WARNED – Disney seemingly cancel their main attractions and change their schedule for their own convenience. The attraction that everyone talks about at Animal Kingdom for example is the Lion King Show. Once in the park I was told it was closed for 6 months whilst they were putting in Avatar. Great shame.

After paying for the Magic Kingdom I was told the main Disney parade @ 3pm was cancelled. Hugely disappointing. Surely this is main event?

It was also ‘unfortunate’ the Disney Light Show parade was ‘dark’ the day of my visit. Ticket price remains the same though.

However, you cannot be bored at Disney, even if you opt out of the long cues and stick with the outdoor activities you’ll have a great time.

The look on the kids faces was priceless when they got to meet their cartoon heroes.


There’s endless restaurants and cafe’s within the park and one thing I loved was that they will give you free cups of water at any of the refreshment stands – you wouldn’t get that in England! £££.

At 8pm every night Disney offer the world famous fireworks. They’re amazing but it does get incredibly busy and of course 1000’s of people want to leave straight after at the same time.


If you visit Orlando, Florida – don’t miss Disney World. It offers great value for money but expect crowds.

Despite my criticisms you have to visit Disney. Missing it would be like avoiding the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Pyramids in Egypt.

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Review by Alex Belfield 18th Jan 2014.