Dynamo A Fraud?

So, is Dynamo A Fraud?

In Jan 2013, Belfield visited Criss Angel in Las Vegas and they discussed British ‘Illusionist’ Dynamo in detail.

It appears after research that Dynamo at the very least has been ‘influenced’ by Angel, and at worst used/borrowed/stollen several of his illusions.

Dynamo A Thief & Fraud? BBC Interview with Alex Belfield @ www.celebrityradio.biz Criss Angel Las Vegas interview Dynamo Steal illusions Criss Angel

Here’s a clip from Criss Angel’s website:

Belfield says “As a fellow crative arist as well as fan and friend of Criss, I find it offensive that anyone would profit from using someone elses ideas or material.

To copy them is such a crude manner is staggering to me.

I’m sure if Dynamo had called Criss to request permission to buy/use/license the various illusions he would have given approval.

To just take them without permission is insulting, offensive and not in the spirit of show business, magic or entertainment”.

Here’s the Exclusive interview with Criss Angel talking about Dynamo’s actions:

Hear an Exclusive 3 part 20 minute interview with Criss Angel by searching ‘Criss Angel’ in the top right hand corner.

Here’s Alex & Angel’s Exclusive 2013 interview….

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2013.