5* Review East Midlands Trains First Class

Review East Midlands Trains First Class…

East Midlands Trains First Class service is based out of Derby and have services running from the East Midlands to London St Pancras covering Sheffield, Leeds and parts of Lincolnshire.

Celebrity Radio loves travelling EMT First Class as they are without question the best value 1st service in the UK if you book well in advance.

It’s not necessarily as quick or as good as Virgin / LNER on-board service, however it is cheaper and remarkable value for money.

For as little as £25 you can get from Nottingham to London First Class…..

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 East Midlands Trains First Class Review 2014 with Alex Belfield www.celebrityradio.biz Voyager British Rail Class 222 

Stagecoach have operated East Midlands Trains since 2007. They run over 100 trains in total across the Midlands.

They use two types of trains to London. The HST (below) and the Sprinter who get you to London from Notts or Derby in less than 1h 45 Mins during the day.

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The on-board service is very nice offering tea, coffee, water and juice as well as light snacks including crisps, nuts, biscuits and fruit.

This is mostly offered three or four times during the journey.

Unlike Virgin and LNER, East Midlands Trains do not offer free sandwiches or alcohol….however, if you book in advance, the value & service is unbeatable!


The service on EMT is also very friendly and welcoming. It’s a very relaxed service generally and if you travel after 9.30am the trains are mostly quiet.

Here’s the tables in First Class @ EMT…

If you travel before 8.30am (at a much higher rate) you will get a complimentary full English breakfast in First Class cooked fresh on-board.

There is a full menu on-board which will be served at your seat in First Class….

I travel with EMT several times a month and it is incredibly rare that there are delays.

East Midlands Trains also seem to have ironed out the transitional issues from ‘Midland Mainline’ a few years ago.

In terms of value for money, East Midlands Trains offer some of the best the best service & reliability in the UK. We’re lucky to have them!


If you travel Standard with EMT (in advance) you’re insane – the extra £5 is worth EVERY penny!

BOOK IN ADVANCE! It’s incredible value.

Review 7th Jan 2019 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.