Emilia Clarke Net Worth

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Emilia Clarke Net Worth

Emilia Clarke embarked on a journey in the entertainment industry that would soon lead her to global stardom. Born in London, this British actress began her career with modest roles, but it wasn’t long before she landed the part that would change her life forever. As Daenerys Targaryen, the fierce and beloved “Mother of Dragons” in HBO’s epic series “Game of Thrones” (GOT), Clarke not only showcased her exceptional acting prowess but also became an emblematic figure in television history. In this article, we explore Emilia Clarke’s net worth.

What is the net worth of Emilia Clarke?

As of 2023, considering her earnings from blockbuster roles, endorsements, real estate investments, and other ventures, Emilia Clarke’s net worth stands at an impressive $25 million.

Emilia Clarke Net Worth 2023$25 million
Emilia Clarke Net Worth 2022$23 million
Emilia Clarke Net Worth 2021$21 million
Emilia Clarke Net Worth 2019$19 million

Emilia Clarke Biography

Born on October 23, 1986, in the bustling city of London, Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke was destined for the limelight. Growing up in the heart of England’s capital, Emilia was surrounded by the rich tapestry of arts and culture the city had to offer. It was here that she first felt the allure of the stage. At the tender age of three, after witnessing a production of “Show Boat,” which her father worked on as a theatre sound engineer, Emilia was smitten by the acting world.

Emilia’s educational journey reflected her passion for the arts. She attended Rye St Antony School and later St Edward’s School, where she actively participated in school productions, taking on roles in classics like “West Side Story,” “The Crucible,” “Macbeth,” and “Twelfth Night.” Her dedication and evident talent led her to further her studies at the prestigious Drama Centre London, from which she graduated in 2009.

Emilia Clarke Quick Facts Table

Date of Birth 23 October 1986
Age37 years old
Spouse N/A
ProfessionAmerican Actress
Place of birthLondon

Game of Thrones: The Golden Ticket

In the vast landscape of television, few characters have left as indelible a mark as Daenerys Targaryen. Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of the silver-haired Targaryen princess, later known as the “Mother of Dragons,” was iconic. Daenerys’s journey from a meek and oppressed young woman sold into marriage to the fierce, justice-seeking queen ready to reclaim the Iron Throne was a transformative arc that resonated with millions.

With each season, as Daenerys’s power and influence grew, so did Emilia’s mastery over the character. Her commanding presence, coupled with moments of vulnerability, made Daenerys a multifaceted character that fans loved, cheered for, and, at times, debated over.

The immense success and global phenomenon that “Game of Thrones” became also translated into substantial financial rewards for its leading cast. Emilia, being one of the central figures of the series, saw her earnings rise significantly as the show progressed. For seasons 5 and 6, she commanded a salary of $500,000 per episode. Given the series’ standard ten episodes per season format during those times, this amounted to $10 million for the two seasons combined.

However, as the narrative climaxed and the stakes grew higher, so did the paychecks. For the final two seasons of “Game of Thrones,” which comprised 14 episodes, Emilia’s earnings skyrocketed to $1.1 million per episode. This impressive figure culminated in $15.4 million for seasons 7 and 8.

Emilia Clarke Real Estate Investments

Beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Emilia Clarke has showcased a keen interest in real estate, making strategic investments that reflect her success in the entertainment industry.

In the sun-soaked state of California, Emilia made a significant purchase, acquiring a lavish house valued at $4.64 million. Nestled in the upscale neighbourhoods that many of Hollywood’s elite call home, this property not only served as a residence but also as a testament to her rising stature in the industry. However, real estate, much like the stock market, is about timing and strategy. Recognising an opportunity, Emilia later listed this California abode for sale, setting the price tag at an impressive $5 million, aiming for a potential profit from her initial investment.

Across the pond, in the historic and picturesque locale of Hampstead, London, Emilia made another noteworthy real estate acquisition. Investing in her home country, she purchased a house for a whopping £8 million. Hampstead, known for its rich history, green spaces, and being home to many luminaries of art and literature, offered Emilia a slice of British elegance and tranquillity.

Emilia Clarke Car Collection

Emilia Clarke’s success and affluence extend beyond real estate and onto the roads. With a penchant for style, luxury, and performance, her car collection is a testament to her refined tastes and love for automobiles.

At the forefront of her collection is the Range Rover, a symbol of British luxury and engineering. Known for its blend of luxury, ruggedness, and state-of-the-art technology, the Range Rover is a favourite among celebrities and royalty alike. Its commanding presence on the road, coupled with its plush interiors, makes it a perfect choice for those who seek both comfort and power.

Next in her collection is the Aston Martin, a car epitomising British elegance and performance. With its sleek design, powerful engine, and a legacy that dates back to the early 20th century, the Aston Martin is more than just a car; it’s a piece of automotive art. Emilia’s choice of this vehicle underscores her appreciation for classic beauty and unmatched performance.

Rounding off her collection is the Mini Cooper, a compact car with a rich history and undeniable charm. While it might be smaller in stature compared to the Range Rover and Aston Martin, the Mini Cooper holds its own with its iconic design, agility, and urban appeal. It’s a car that’s perfect for city drives, offering both style and functionality.

Emilia Clarke Notable Works

While Emilia Clarke’s portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen remains her most iconic role, her talent and versatility have led her to explore various characters across different cinematic universes and genres.

One of the most anticipated ventures in her career has been her entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with the series “Secret Invasion.” Embracing the vast and intricate world of Marvel, Emilia took on the role of the shape-shifting Skrull, Gi’ah, showcasing her ability to dive into characters with complex narratives and superhuman abilities. The MCU, known for its interconnected stories and massive fan base, offered Emilia another platform to shine and expand her global reach.


How did Emilia Clarke rise to fame?

Emilia Clarke rose to global fame with her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” Her compelling performance as the “Mother of Dragons” garnered her international acclaim and solidified her position as one of the leading actresses of her generation.

How much did Emilia Clarke earn from Game of Thrones?

Emilia Clarke’s earnings from “Game of Thrones” significantly increased as the series progressed. She earned $500,000 per episode for seasons 5 and 6, and her salary rose to $1.1 million for the final two seasons. This culminated in approximately $25.4 million from the series alone.

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