Eurostar Business Premier Lounge Review

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Eurostar Business Premier Lounge Review….

The Eurostar Business Premier Lounge is the perfect way to start your Channel crossing whether it be from St Pancras International, Gare Du Nord Paris, Brussels or Waterloo.

In August 2013 I travelled from St Pancras International to Paris return.

The speed and efficiency from arriving at St Pancras Business Premier checking in, navigating security to arriving in the lounge is an incredibly impressive 5-10 minutes.

The premium you pay for travelling ‘Business Premier’ with Eurostar is rewarded with total efficiency from the second you arrive.


When travelling ‘Business Premier’ with Eurostar, you are given a speedy transit through the terminal with a dedicated check-in desk & security. You are then entitled to relax in the tranquillity of the Eurostar Business Premier Lounge. The business lounges are available at all of Eurostar’s destinations including both St Pancras International & Waterloo in the UK.

Within the lounge you are given access to a fully stocked bar and varying snacks depending on the time of day. At breakfast you are offered cereals, juice, croissants, coffee, tea and a full bar should you require it.

Here’s the glorious lounge at the world famous, historic and beautiful St Pancras International:

Throughout the transit you are offered a comprehensive variety of newspapers and magazines as you can see above.

Once your train is called you are on-board within 3 minutes of leaving the lounge. Again, it’s a brilliantly thought out transit.

Whilst on-board Eurostar in the dedicated Business Premier cabin, you receive complimentary Wifi, a meal created by none other than Raymond Blanc & a bigger seat and table for your overall comfort.

See our YouTube video of photos taken at the Eurostar Business Premier Lounge @ Paris Gare Du Nord:

Eurostar business facilities are without question comparable to any international airline and in many cases much better.

Eurstar have mastered the art of simplifying the transit from arrival at check-in to arrival at your destination.

Bravo Eurostar!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2013.