Hash House A GO GO Review

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Hash House A GO GO Review Las Vegas….

Hash House A Go Go is taking over Las Vegas with the hugely popular brand about to open it’s fifth location in Sin City.

So why is it SOOO popular?

Well, it is totally unique, energetic and gives a very ‘Las Vegas’ over the top experience.

This eatery is crazy by British standards. This restaurant is not subtle - each portion could feed an entire family and over half is sent back to the kitchen. The portions are INSANE!

Located inside The Linq Hotel and Casino, Hash House A Go Go brings its “twisted farm food” concept straight from the Indiana heartland to the heart of the Strip.

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Indulgence, waste, calorie portion control are three things HHAGG laugh in the face of!

This over-the-top Vegas restaurant received national attention on the Travel Channel’s “Man V. Food,” where Adam Richman sank his teeth into the Fried Chicken Farm Benedict.

The hype continues: Hash House A Go Go has been named Best Breakfast, Best Brunch, Best Sandwich, on top of many other accolades.

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It’s also a favorite among celebrities, including Martha Stewart, Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray among others.

Hash House A Go Go is home to the city’s best breakfast, including oversized flapjacks, breakfast scrambles, signature hashes, farm Benedicts and more.

So, to the food.

To begin I wanted to try the ‘crispy corn meal fried tiger prawns’- basically enormous shrimp. Truly meat and fresh.

Next came the cobb salad - utterly delicious and one of my favourite highlights of the meal.

Finally the slow cooked BBQ spare ribs were very tasty and looked lovely on the plate.

Hash House A Go Go Review Appetiser Hash House A Go Go Review Cobb Salad Hash House A Go Go Review Pork

I’m still a little confused why everything has to be dressed with the ‘deep fried noodle sticks’ & rosemary - bizarre. Tasteless - but what do I know?

Next came the ‘crispy fried fresh salmon’. Sadly the vegetables were cold but the mash was delicious. To me fresh salmon is wonderful and shouldn’t be covered in batter - I’m very old fashioned. A shame.

The HHAGG lemon chicken was moist, tender and flavoursome. Piled high with mash this was a huge dish.

The burger though was really excellent (pic 3)…..

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The sweet potato fries set the dish off perfectly with the tomato sauce on the side.

The bun was light and the (2) burgers were moist and delicious.

With lettuce, onion and tomato - this may well be one of the best items on the menu….

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Next came the ‘Sage Fried Chicken Benedict’.

This dish was highly rated by ‘Man V Food’.

It’s a ludicrous portion including mash potato, melon, fried chicken with sage, spinach, bacon, tomato, mozzarella & chipotle sauce.

This dish has kick and the chicken was truly delicious - it could easily feed 2, 3 or probably 6 or 8 ‘normal’ eaters!….

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Finally, don’t miss desserts at HHAGG.

The chocolate waffle with icecream could feed a family of four - it’s HUGE!

Hash House cheesecake is another huge affair.

Finally, I was slightly confused by the ‘Fresh Strawberry Shortcake’ - made with the seemingly the same biscuit from the pre-appetiser amuse bouche - it takes all sorts…

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Finally the ‘smores cappuccino’ was remarkable.

I’d love to meet the person who could finish this.

Once again, it’s served in what looks like the worlds biggest cup and packed with utter indulgence. I can’t even imagine the calorie count. Mind-boggling!

If you love marshmallow & coffee - this is defo for you!….

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Hash House A Go Go is a fun, exciting dining experience you will talk about and remember forever!

What it lacks in sophistication, delicate flavours and refinement it makes up for in portion size and talkability.

For good and for bad this is an extraordinary eatery of EPIC proportions!

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Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2015.