Hazel O’Connor Interview 2017

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Hazel O’Connor Interview 2017…

Award-winning singer, writer and actress Hazel O’Connor has announced a thirteen-date UK tour for November and December 2017.

Hazel O’Connor became an overnight sensation after her BAFTA nominated portrayal of Kate in the 1980 smash hit film Breaking Glass.

During this period, Hazel released three of her most successful albums; ‘Breaking Glass’, ‘Sons and Lovers’ and ‘Cover Plus’, which produced a stream of top ten hits, including the iconic ‘Will You’, ‘Eighth Day’ and ‘D’Days’.

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Alex & Hazel via YouTube:

Hazel is back with her full band and will be joined on stage by her brother Neil O’Connor for the first time in since their 2 week residency at Ronnie Scott’s back in 1984.

Neil played original guitars on the ‘Sons and Lovers’ and ‘Cover Plus’ album and enjoyed his own success as the front man of the punk band The Flys.

Hazel is joined on stage with a 5 piece band including Clare Hirst on Sax and Sarah Fisher on Keys.

This interview took and unexpected turn minutes before the end when I asked about sexual harassment in show business.

Hear Hazel told us exclusively how Benny Hill offered her work for sexual favours (aged 21) and then “stuck his tongue down my throat”…

Hazel tells of her bravery at 21 when she walked out of Benny’s apartment where he “auditioned” her to be a dancer.

This interview was a front page splash and 2 page spread in Sunday Mirror 22nd Oct 2017:

In 2009, O’Connor performed as part of the ‘1980s Here and Now’ tour at many venues including Wembley Arena.

Born in Coventry, Hazel now lives between Ireland and France.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 20th October 2017.