Krystyn Lambert Female Magician Life Story Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Krystyn Lambert Female Magician Life Story Interview….

Krystyn Lambert has become one of the most recognized female magicians in the world.

Her extensive TV appearances have gained critical acclaim within the community of magicians caught the eye of Criss Angel, who has taken her as his protégé.

She was featured on his hit Spike TV series, BeLIEve, and appeared in his live show at the Luxor in Las Vegas with a brand new act for six months running.

She on tour in Criss’ brand new production ‘The Supernaturalists’.

After starring in the award-winning documentary, Make Believe, the U.S. State Department invited Krystyn to travel through Asia.

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Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Krystyn at The Supernaturalists:

Here’s Alex & Krystn at Foxwoods in July 2015:

Alex Belfield Krystyn Lambert The Supernaturalists

She shared her passions for magic and philosophy, educating teens about critical thinking and personal goal setting.

This dedication prompted Teen Vogue to name her one of the Four Youth Activists to Watch.

Recently the Magic Castle in Hollywood awarded Krystyn the coveted Junior Achievement Award, proclaiming her “a magical ambassador throughout the world.”

In addition to performing, Krystyn studied at UCLA in the department of philosophy, honors, with a focus on causation, and will begin her graduate work at UNLV.

She serves the James Randi Educational Foundation, where her experiences in magic and philosophical inquiry meet. Krystyn is concentrating her efforts there on the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, acting as its Associate Director.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 4th July 2015.