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Marcella Detroit, AKA Marcy Levy is a musician, singer and songwriter and artist from the USA.

In the early 90’s, Marcy was one half of the UK band, Shakespear’s Sister.

Featured on “Stay”, their biggest hit, which was number One for eight weeks in the UK charts, this song set the record for the longest running number one for a female band in UK history.

It also went Gold here in the US, selling over 500k copies.

Since then, she’s had solo albums including “Jewel”, “Feeler” & “Dancing Madly Sideways” in 1999.

Marcella started out in music in Detroit, where she was born, and got my first big break singing with Bob Seger.

Since, she’s toured with Leon Russell and Eric Clapton for five years and co-wrote one of his biggest hits, “Lay Down Sally”, as well as the cool album track, “The Core”.

Her new album is out in 2016 called Gray Matterz. The high energy lead single is entitled Drag Queen and you can listen HERE!

Find out more about Marcy HERE!

Shakespear's Sister Singer Marcella Detroit Interview Marcella Detroit Shakespeare's Sister Marcella Detroit Interview

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Marcella & Alex Belfield:

Detroit has been enjoying writing with some very talented artists and working on new songs for herself which will be featured on my upcoming release.

In 2010, she appeared on a UK TV show called, “From Pop Star To Opera Star” where I was coached by world famous vocal coaches to learn to sing opera competing against 7 other “pop stars” including Jimmy Osmond and many others.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 11th July 2016.