4* Review Peter Pan Nottingham 2018

Review Peter Pan Nottingham 2018…

One of pantomimes biggest stars, and a comedy legend, returns to the Nottingham Theatre Royal to wow crowds in Peter Pan this Christmas through until 13th Jan 2019.

Watch the glorious HD TV walk down of this terrific cast…

Joe Pasquale effortless drives this much loved magical panto and returned to Robin Hood County to wow the sell-out crowd today with his lovable, cheeky and hysterical shenanigans!

Add in a superb cast, big production, live band, great effects and an authentic telling of this classic story - you’ve got a whopping hit!

The show starts with true fairy tale class as Peter flies onto the stage to the kids joy and amazement. This is the true joy of panto.

Next the battle for good to conquer evil begins….after Smee causes knicker wetting (and the rest of your clothes) naughtiness! I’d avoid row A-M in the stalls if I were you lol!

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Joe is joined by Benidorm & ‘Only Fools’ star / legend / icon  John Challis as Captain Hook. Inspired casting! John’s imposing grandeur was perfect for Hook and definitely a hit with the kids.

This production promised “swashbuckling” and delivered from the first scene. The classic battle of good over evil was brilliantly staged.

Lets face it though, it’s the 5* delivery from a comedy master like Joe that the audience can’t resist.

Joe’s effortless schtick stole the show, however, he was joined by a terrific team of pros…

Huge kudos to Jack McNeill who was the stand out star of the cast as Peter. He’s utterly charming, compelling and played off Joe magnificently - patience of a saint! Bravo - a star is born!

The company of Peter Pan 2018 - Nottingham Theatre Royal:

Lucy Evans never fails as Tinker Bell & Rosie O’Hare gave the performance of the night with Jack belting out ‘Rewrite The Stars’ - a genius inclusion that the kids adored from The Greatest Showman.

Nods also to the ensemble and Theatre Royal Babes who did the show proud.

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Enjoy our exclusive interview with Joe Pasquale via YouTube:

My only disappointment with this show is the ‘cut and copy’ nature of the production. There appears to be no shame in repeating entire sections of the show from previous years, including last year. There was little / no topicality in the entire show.

Having said that, this show does keep to the story and celebrate the much loved traditions of the art - rightly so. ‘Oh no they don’t’…. etc. The audience can’t wait for this nonsense.

I’ve made no secret in the past that I hate - I mean detest - the recurrent & superfluous 3D sections which seemingly terrify the kids. Kids crying at panto is a home goal in my book.

Where this show shines is the magic of the innocence, both with Jack & Lucy’s portrayal of their roles and Joe’s knowing naughtiness and boundless energy transcending all generations.

Pasquale’s skill and experience is inspiring.

Enjoy an exclusive interview with John Challis who is playing Captain Hook:

You’ll laugh until cry at the silliness, naughtiness and brilliance of Pasquale’s ease on stage. Nothing can go wrong - as much as Joe hopes it does.

Nottingham is lucky to get Joe back to bring star drive, quality and timing to this much loved story. Add in this equally brilliant cast and you can’t lose.

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Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 9th December 2018