Russell Howard LIVE 2017

Russell Howard Review 2017….

Russell Howard is one of the UK’s most passionate, talented, polished, political and hysterical comedians of his generation.

He’s back on tour in 2017 with his ‘Round The World’ tour. He’s sold out huge arenas & venues across the UK including 10 nights at the Royal Albert Hall.

This West Country comedian is utterly charming, likeable and brings his ‘Good News-esk’ topical themes to huge audiences with ease. He is one of the few who makes these ludicrous aircraft hangers into an intimate room for comedy.

What is most impressive is his boundless energy & faultless comic timing. What was most surprising and disappointing tonight was his obsession with our “world full of hate” - a notion I simply won’t entertain.

Promoting the myth that haters are the majority is totally disproved by the fact that 8000 people can sit together in N0ttingham without any hate….let alone blowing each other up.

Aside from the politics, Russell can make almost anything funny and that is a gift! After a tough year, Howard spills his heart to craft a masterful 90 minutes of stand-up.



Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE interview with Alex * Russell from 2011 via YouTube:

Russell opened by declaring Trump, Farage, Hopkins, Piers & reality TV Stars as the reason our narcissistic / social media obsessed world is riddled with depression, insecurity & self-harm.

There were occasional cheap laughs, but, this was my least favourite recurring theme in the show. My world is perfectly happy and sane….mostly because as I avoid the thoughts of the above at all costs.

At times Russell’s set did become a little 5Live / LBC Moan-In and was certainly more preachy than belly laughs.

Russell appeared more ‘raw’ than usual tonight and unnerved in places acknowledging his anxieties & insecurities, happily promoting ‘poppers’ and cannabis, whilst continually reminding us that every negative heartache can be remedied by an hysterical adlib from a dysfunctional family member. Again my life isn’t blessed by the company of such quick wits.

What I loved was Russell’s ability to riff, surprise & show true heart & originality.

Russ got surprisingly gynaecological at times and has no problem going to lady gardens, self-touching & arrival fluids for cheap laughs.

Obviously the last 6 months has been incredibly trying with death creating the biggest part of the pathos, heart and hilarity in his 2017 tour. For that I admire his honesty.

Russell is a Star for sure and offers 90 minutes of beautifully crafted material….even if it’s not to everyone’s taste throughout.

There’s no need for a nice suit - he’s handsome, keeps his guns in shape and does at least his ‘10,000 a day’ mincing around the centre stage performance ring trying to pacify his adoring 360 crowd.

There is a lot to admire about Russell Howard - a rare master of his art.

Review uploaded 25th March 2017 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.