Sir Ken Dodd Tributes

Enjoy Celebrity Radio/s Sir Ken Dodd Tributes…

I’ve never heard a bad word about Sir Ken Dodd.

So many celebrities over the years have said so many wonderful things.

Here’s some of my favourite tributes to the Squire of Knotty Ash…

Anne Widdecombe:

Cilla Black:

Paul Merton:

Ronnie Corbett:

Comedian Jethro:

Joe Pasquale:

Diddy David Hamilton:

Ricky Tomlinson:

Jim Bowen:

I was lucky & honoured to call Sir Ken my friend. I first met Doddy aged 12. He’s been a shining light, through thick and thin, for my entire adult life & career.

What an honour and a privilege to meet, know, befriend, learn from, admire, adore and love Sir Ken Dodd.

RIP Doddy. Thank you for the love, support and infinite happiness that you have given me and millions of others.

Ken was famed for his singing, his signature tune Happiness was released in 1964.

Tears outsold John Lennon’s IMAGINE which is an incredible reflection on his success.

His single Tears was the third highest-selling song of the 1960s in Britain, beaten only by two Beatles singles.

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