Comedian Tim Minchin Interview

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Tim Minchin is one of the most loved and respected comedians of his generation.

He’s not only hysterically funny but he has also got an incredible gift as a pianist, musician and singer.

In 2013 he launched his West End mega-hit ‘Matilda’ on to the Broadway stage where it is still doing big business.

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Here’s Belfield’s Exclusive 20 minute in-depth interview from 2010…..

Tim Minchin is an Australian musician, composer, songwriter, actor, comedian and writer. He has been performing his unique brand of musical comedy in front of appropriately excitable and ever-growing audiences since starting out in South Melbourne’s Butterfly Club in 2005.

He won the Directors’ Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for his break-out show Darkside, and followed this later the same year with one of the most successful debut acts ever at the Edinburgh Fringe – winning the Perrier Award for Best Newcomer.

Many more awards followed over the years, and without wanting to go on and on about it, he’s done some pretty successful live shows since then too, often in Australia or the UK, but also on the North American continent (yes that includes you too Canada). But not you Guatemala. Maybe one day.

His current songs span various musical styles and topics such as environmentalism, rationalism, prejudice(ism), logical fallacies(ism) and his amour de fromage et de boobs(ism).

In fact, it would hardly be over the top to say that his love of boobs would be up there in the back of Plato’s cave in the bit that’s carved out for the most perfect and complete example of the love of boobs. But not in a weird way.

He plays the piano, always nicely and oftentimes uproariously and excitingly, whilst looking wonderfully athletic in a pair of delightfully uncomfortable skinny jeans. As well as his grand piano and apparel befitting a style guru,

Tim is joined onstage by his iconic dance moves, wildly teased hair, gently calmed eyebrows, natural aplomb and his enormous… sense of occasion.

Recorded by Alex Belfield for the BBC and Celebrity Radio.