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How can you not love a musical featuring the hits of Take That? This new musical at times is more karaoke than a play – the audience simply can’t resist joining in!

THE BAND continues to tour the UK, prior to hitting the West End this Christmas, showcasing the music of Take That and the talents of 5 to 5 – the winners of BBC’s ‘LET IT SHINE’ – who vocally celebrate these songs magnificently.

If you like Gary’s music & a Mamma Mia-esk storyline – this is definitely the show for you!

This show ain’t Shakespeare, it has LOL gags and bawdy northern humour. From a belly laughs from a broken man sausage to dark tragedy – amidst the reality of ‘getting old’ – this show tries to send you home with a sense of heart and nostalgia.

The Band continues at the glorious Nottingham Theatre Royal until next Saturday.


We went backstage to meet AJ, Curtis, Nick, Sario & Yazdan. Checkout individual interviews HERE!


Enjoy an exclusive HD Video interview with Five to Five @ THE BAND:

Written by Olivier Award winning writer Tim Firth, THE BAND is a cute story about a group of women who lost touch with themselves and each other… and re-discover their inner youth, friendships and favourite band by the end of the play.

Featuring the hits of Take That – often interrupted by Firth’s storyline, you’ll hear all of Britain’s most successful boyband including Never Forget, Back For Good, A Million Love Songs, Greatest Day, The Flood & Rule the World.

AJ Bentley, Nick Carsberg, Curtis T Johns, Yazdan Qafouri and Sario Solomon are collectively known as 5 to 5 – winners of BBC’s Let It Shine.

They offer musical accompaniment and a pop masterclass throughout the show.

The story of 5 girlfriends is driven by the utterly charming Rachel Lumberg as Rachel and Faye Christall as the hysterical Young Rachel, Emily Joyce as Heather, the brilliant Alison Fitzjohn as Claire & Jayne McKenna as Zoe.

The show opens with Katy Clayton as Young Heather, Sarah Kate Howarth as Young Claire, Lauren Jacobs as Young Zoe, Rachelle Diedericks as Debbie, Martin Miller as Jeff and Andy Williams as Dave.

This is a perfect girls night out.

The boys from Five To Five are certainly a nice bit of trouser for the almost exclusively female audience, and have more costume changes than you can shake a stick at….in-between wowing the crowd with the hits that they came to hear.

‘The band’ are not the ‘stars’ of the show – the story is. However, I think we can all agree though, the audience came to hear the hits and these were the most uplifting and compelling moments.

THE BAND is now the fastest selling musical theatre tour of all time.

Don’t miss your chance to see this brand new production on tour throughout the UK through 2019 and in London’s glittering West End throughout Christmas 2018.

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 10th June 2018.