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Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Francis Rossi Life Story Interview Status Quo….

Francis Rossi from Status Quo talks about his remarkable life, career and new album.

Rossi is the musical genius behind the lead guitar and vocals @ Status Quo.

This international musical mega-star talks incredibly honestly about creating some of the greatest rock anthems of our lifetime.

He’s an international pop star who has incredible stories to share.

Status Quo Francis Rossi Interview francis rossi interview status quo Francis Rossi Life Story Interview

Enjoy this rare and Exclusive 2 part interview.

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He has enjoyed minor success with brief projects outside the group. In 1985 when Status Quo were on hold, he recorded two singles and a (so far unreleased) album – which was provisionally titled Flying Debris – with his longtime writing partner Bernie Frost. The single releases were “Modern Romance (I Want to Fall in Love Again)” (UK No. 54), and “Jealousy”.

In 1996 he issued a solo album, King of the Doghouse, which was not a commercial success, although it produced a UK No. 42 single, “Give Myself to Love”.[2] Some years earlier, in 1976, he appeared on the soundtrack album and film All This and World War II comprising cover versions of songs by The Beatles.

Although the album sleeve credits the performance of “Getting Better” to Status Quo, the track featured Rossi’s vocals and the London Symphony Orchestra. In 1977, he produced and played guitar on John Du Cann’s solo album The World’s Not Big Enough.

3 May 2010 saw the release of his long-awaited second solo album, One Step at a Time, including a re-recording of Quo’s 1973 classic “Caroline”.

Despite Status Quo remaining hugely popular (especially in the UK and mainland Europe and also Australia), Francis has recently hinted that the time might be drawing near for Status Quo to finish as a band. In an interview with Classic Rock Magazine in May 2012, focusing on the reunion of Quo’s classic ‘Frantic Four’ line up, Rossi said “I don’t think Status Quo will be around much longer either.

It’s increasingly difficult to cope with the energy discharge a concert requires”. Despite that, the band will be touring for the foreseeable future.

Recorded 2009 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio and the BBC.