Review Frankie Moreno Life Story Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Review Frankie Moreno Life Story Interview….

It’s very rare I am moved to describe a performer as ‘sensational’, ‘unique’, ‘breathtaking’, ‘stunningly talented’ & ‘setting the standard in Vegas’ – but Frankie Moreno is all of those things.

This guys is ridiculously talented and gifted. His show is spectacular.

His piano playing is off the scale, his singing is powerful, moving, pitch perfect and as good as any I’ve heard Live!

As well as looks, style, great sound, production and an amazing band – Frankie truly has it all.

In 2013 Frankie was Celebrity Radio’s Best Headliner & Show in Las Vegas.


Frankie Moreno Interview Frankie Moreno Review Review Frankie Moreno Life Story Interview

Hear Frankie Moreno’s Exclusive interview with Alex Belfield in Las Vegas:

Frankie’s show is a family affair. His Dad has never missed a performance and Frankie has his two brothers in the show. That adds true warmth to the show.

Don’t miss Frankie Moreno – he’s the epitome of talent and an all-round entertainer!

Here’s Alex & Frankie backstage in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood:

Frankie Moreno Alex Belfield Interview

Review Jan 2013 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.