G4 Love Songs 2017 Tour

G4 Love Songs 2017 Tour & Album EXCLUSIVE Interview…

G4 are back in 2017 with a brand new album ‘Love Songs’.

Mike, Nick, Ben & Jonathan will also be on the road with 3 tours in 2017.

The album and tour features new versions of ‘Love Me For A Reason’ featuring The Osmonds and a gorgeous hit with Lesley Garrett.

Other hits include Amigos para Siempre, Your Song, I’d Do Anything For Love, Because We Believe, Can’t Help Falling In Love & I’ll Be There.

This album has 5* harmonies, arrangements & vocals. The boys have never sounded better.

Their vocal synergy is simply remarkable. Their on-stage chemistry is second to none.

G4 have remarkable talent. Their energy is inspiring and their lifetime dedication to music pays off with an overall sound that is truly beautiful.


Enjoy an Exclusive interview with G4 & Alex via YouTube…

You can see G4 Live this Spring and in the Autumn and across the UK.

They’ll return in December for their magical 5* Cathedral tour.

Here’s Alex & the boys from G4 in Feb 2017 @ Century Club London:

This album features The Osmonds legend Merrill Osmond.

Merrill shot to fame on The Andy Williams show. Hear a rare and candid interview talking about life on the road with one of the most famous families in history.

Enjoy our Exclusive interview with Merrill and Alex via YouTube HERE:

Don’t miss G4 on tour in March, September and December 2017.

Get their new ‘Love Songs’ album below via AMAZON.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 4th Feb 2017