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G4 were a four-piece British vocal troupe consisting of Jon Ansell, Matt Stiff, Mike Christie, and Ben Thapa, who first came to prominence when they finished second in Series 1 of The X Factor in 2004.

The members met at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, from which the name G4, standing for “Guildhall 4”, derives.

Prior to auditioning for the show, they performed as buskers during their free time at college to earn extra money and gain experience, and were known for their operatic delivery of modern pop songs.

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Enjoy their first 60 minute Exclusive interview & life story recorded on tour in Nottingham….

In 2004, shortly after Stiff replaced original bass Tom Lowe, G4 spontaneously applied to The X Factor with the intention of using the show to obtain a quote on posters for upcoming concerts and gain publicity.

Although the band members originally took turns to sing lead, Simon Cowell suggested that Ansell be promoted to the group’s frontman.

Mentored by Louis Walsh, they reached the final, and to date G4 remain one of only two classical-based acts to compete in the live shows, the other being Welsh baritone Rhydian – coincidentally, both placed second in Series 1 and 4 respectively, and outsold the eventual winners. Cowell, who had mentored Series 1 winner Steve Brookstein, later admitted that G4 were the real winners of the competition.

Despite their success on the show, G4 later branded The X Factor as a pantomime due to staged conflict between the judges which overshadowed the contestants.

Bass singer Stiff also stated “Backstage Simon would say we were great, but then on camera say nothing. I don’t think he wanted us to win and by choosing what he said on camera he knew he had the power to sway votes. He is the ringmaster.

Recorded 2006 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.