Gareth Gates Interview – Joseph West End

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Gareth Gates Interview – Joseph West End…..

Gareth Gates shot to fame on Pop Idol.

He went on to Star on Dancing on Ice and he returns in Jan 2014 for the All Star final series.

Gareth has appeared in many musicals, most famously Joseph at the Adelphi in the West End of London in 2009.

Pop Idol Gareth Gates Interview Gareth Gates Exclusive BBC Interview & life story with Alex Belfield @ Gareth Gates Life Story Interview

Hear a rare and Exclusive interview with GG recorded backstage…

Here’s Gareth & Alex…

Gareth Gates Exclusive BBC Interview & life story with Alex Belfield @

Born in Bradford in July 1984 Gareth Gates always knew he wanted to be a performer. It’s well known as a young boy he was head chorister for Bradford Cathedral Choir, even performing solo for the Queen when she visited in 1997. What’s less well known is that he has a natural gift for music and as well as being a faultless vocalist he is an accomplished musician, playing piano and guitar to a high standard.

In 2002 Gareth was famously runner up to will Young in the UK’s first Pop Idol.  Instead of disappearing into ‘Pop Oblivion’ he carved out a very successful career for himself, having hits and travelling worldwide.

In the UK alone Gareth sold 3.5 million records, released 3 albums and had 4 UK number 1 singles. He won record of the year in 2002 and with that has the second best selling single of the ‘noughties’ with Unchained Melody. Gareth was only beaten for best selling single of the decade by his fellow competitor, that year’s winner Will Young with the song Evergreen. Outside of the UK Gareth was awarded Best International Male in 2003/4 from MTV Asia, MTV China and MTV Taiwan.

Recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2009.