Gregory Porter Life Story Interview 2016

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Gregory Porter Life Story Interview….

Born in LA, Gregory Porter has become one of the most loved and popular Stars in the world!

After the release of his first album in 2010, he has become one of the most admired silky smooth voices in history and congratulating for bringing Jazz to new and younger audiences.

It’s not surprising he’s sold millions of albums around the globe. The UK’s most listened to radio station, BBC R2 have continually celebrated his remarkable voice both Live and on the playlist in 2016.

Gregory has a iconic and unique balaclava ‘jazz hat’ which has become his signature trademark. He suggests this is his ‘security blanket’.

In 2016 he’s released his new album ‘Take Me To The Alley’ is available below via Amazon.

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Obsessed with Nat King Cole as a child, it’s easy to see where his blessed tone, pitch perfect delivery and cool style came from.

His effortless jazz / blues / gospel style has made him one of the most popular touring and festival artistes in 2016.

He’s appeared on Broadway and in 2014 won his first Emmy.

Interview recorded 26th August 2016 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio.