Guns & Ammo Garage Las Vegas ~ Interview & Review

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Guns & Ammo Garage Las Vegas ~ Interview & Review….

Las Vegas is world renowned for it’s partying, hospitality, gaming, dining, trips to the Grand Canyon and taking ‘entertainment’ to the next level.

In recent years one of the most popular attractions has been the trips fire guns are licensed firing ranges across Sin City.

So, what is the attraction? Why do people pay good money to fire these weapons?

Alex went to find out at the ‘Guns & Ammo Garage’ on Dean Martin Drive….

 Alex Belfield Guns and ammo las vegas 

The Guns & Ammo Garage will pic you up from your hotel and take you to their facility just behind the Luxor in the centre of town.

You have the opportunity to pick one of many guns in this huge store. Rihanna recently fired an AK and apparently loved the experience!

Alex went to meet gun range owner Mark Cole in and try out some of his most popular weapons at the Gun & Ammo Garage Las Vegas.

Enjoy this insightly, revealing and exclusive 3 part interview.

Part 1:

The ‘Guns & Ammo Garage’ pride themselves on the safety and well-being of their clients. Great care is taken to make sure you have great fun in a very controlled and secure environment.

As you arrive you are asked to sign a waiver (taking full responsibility for all eventualities) – You must then prove your sanity, physical and mental health, if not you don’t get in!

Then you can choose your gun, get talked through the safety guidelines and then experience the incredible  power of these awesome machines.


Here’s part two of the interview with Alex and Mark;

The delicious assistants at The Guns & Ammo Garage make your transit through the store very pleasant.

Bravo to the head of recruitment!


Belfield was given the opportunity to fire a Glock and then a ‘Baby AK Flame Thrower’.

The power of these weapons was breathtaking as you’ll hear in part 3 of Alex’s Exclusive interview at the Guns and Ammo Garage when Belfield took on the ‘Flame Thrower’:

Alex says “This was a unique and memorable experience, one which I will never forget. I have never been more aware of the power & importance of guns and how hugely important it is to give them the respect they deserve!”

The Guns And Ammo Garage is open daily.


 Alex Belfield Shooting las vegas 

Review & Interview recorded Jan 2013.

Guns and ammo review las vegas with Alex Belfield