5* REVIEW Il Divo Interview UK TOUR 2019

REVIEW Il Divo Interview UK TOUR 2019…

Il Divo are back on tour in 2019. We were thrilled to speak to Urs about his life, career and the UK Tour. Listen below via YouTube…

We visited the tour at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall on July 1st. It was truly magical and a masterclass in live entertainment.

The collective talent of Urs, Carlos, David and Sebastien is truly remarkable! They’ve never sounded more magnificent.

After 15 years touring the world, their killer vocals and on stage synergy has never been stronger. The audience were captivated! 5 standing ovations is no mean feat in 2019…

Il Divo is a multi-national classical crossover vocal group. The male quartet originated in the United Kingdom in December 2003.

We did their first network interview with Celebrity Radio. We love the boys and have supported them ever since. It’s thrilling to see them evolve. Listen HERE from 2004.

Unique singers Urs Bühler (Switzerland), Carlos Marín (Spain), David Miller (USA), and Sébastien Izambard (France) form this powerful foursome. The collective blend of this group is astounding.

The show tonight in Nottingham was flawless. It looked beautiful and sounded even better.

In fact the group looked the most happy, relaxed, connected and comfortable on stage that I’ve seen in years.

In recent years I felt they were somewhat tired and bored of their music (and even each other) and became a tad robotic. Tonight they seemed to have a hoot. David and Carlos especially looked like they were having the time of their life.

The orchestra were extraordinary tonight. The horns were brilliant and the strings added such a magical element to the perfect set list of classical pop (instantly recognisable) hits.

Congrats to sound – the best I’ve EVER heard in that venue. What an immersive concert.

Enjoy an exclusive interview with Urs and the tour dates below…

Il Divo’s tour dates are below. BOOK TICKETS HERE!


Enjoy an exclusive interview with Urs from Il Divo March 2019:

As of 2018, the group has released ten albums: Il Divo (2004), Ancora (2005), Siempre (2006), The Promise (2008), Wicked Game (2011), A Musical Affair (2013), Amor & Pasión (2015) and Timeless (2018) ; a compilation album The Greatest Hits (2012); special Christmas songs album The Christmas Collection (2005).

Tonight’s TImeless concert was a celebration of all of their albums since 2004…

Since its inception, Il Divo has enjoyed success worldwide, selling well over 30 million copies of its albums worldwide.

Their show is timeless. Their talent is infinite. Their live show is epic!

Here’s the 2019 Tour dates:

With 160 certified gold and platinum hits in 35 different countries, it pioneered the genre of operatic pop, or “popera”, in classical crossover music.

Il Divo’s live concerts sold over two million concert tickets worldwide just from their first four albums. In their first world tour, concerts in 69 cities in 18 countries were sold out.

Here’s Il Divo’s UK TOUR Dates 2019:

The group was created and promoted by music producer Simon Cowell for the label Syco Music (a subsidiary of Sony Music). Although it is unclear how the group’s name came about, “Il Divo” is translated from Italian as “divine performer.”

Congratulations on a masterclass tour that should be the benchmark for other artistes and groups.

REVIEW by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 1st July 2019.