Interview Ali Campbell UB40 2017 Tour

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Interview Ali Campbell UB40 2017 Tour….

Ali Campbell has one of the most unique, powerful and loved voices of his generation.

The voice of UB40, Ali (along with original members Mickey & Astro) are back on the road from 19th May in Inverness for a 2017 Summer tour.

As part of UB40, Campbell sold over 70 million records worldwide and toured the globe for 30 years.

Eminent Life have partnered with world famous band UB40 feat Ali, Astro and Mickey to create a limited edition ‘Red Red Wine’.

The limited edition ‘Red Red Wine Bordeaux Supérieur ’.

Find out more about the UB40 launch party at Eminent Life HERE! By the UB40 Bordeaux at £28.50.

Get full Ali Campbell & UB40 Tour Dates HERE!


Enjoy an EXCLUSIVE interview with Alex & Ali via YouTube:

In 2008, Campbell left UB40 and embarked on a solo career.

In 2012, Campbell was announced as one of the three judges on the judging panel of the TV show, New Zealand’s Got Talent.

Interview by Alex Belfield 16th May 2017 for Celebrity Radio.