Interview Charlotte Jaconelli

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Interview Charlotte Jaconelli 2016….

For her 21st birthday on August 24th 2016, we celebrate with CJ!

Charlotte Jaconelli is one of Celebrity Radios most popular guests EVER!

She shot to fame in 2012 with Jonathan Antoine on Britain’s Got Talent where they had two chart topping albums. In 2014 they both began their solo careers.

Their final single was the glorious ‘Time To Say Goodbye’.

Since then Charlotte has gone on to global success…

Growing up in an ordinary working class family, Charlotte was clear that she wanted to be a performer even as a four-year-old when she started weekend stage school, the very same school where she eventually started teaching a few years later.

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Charlotte Jaconelli New Album Tour 2016
Interview Charlotte Jaconelli

Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Charlotte & Alex Belfield via YouTube:

When she decided she wanted to go to a performing arts school full time from the age of 16, not only did she have to leave the house at 6am, getting back past 8pm.

Having sold hundreds of thousands of albums and filled concert halls it was all worth it!

Despite having her own place, she mostly still lives with her mum and brothers and sisters back in Essex.

Throughout 2016 she’ll be juggling photo shoots, video shoots, performances and TV appearances with time with a relatively new boyfriend who she has known for years.

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