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Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Interview Chris de Burgh 2016 New Album A Better World….

On June 1st 2016, Chris de Burgh saw the 30th anniversary of the release his album ‘Into The Light’.

This was the album that established Chris as a true worldwide superstar.

The album sold in excess of 8 million copies and included the iconic single ‘The Lady In Red’, which reached number 1 in 47 countries

Some 50 million record sales later, Chris is releasing his 21st studio album – ‘A Better World’.

The new album will include 15 brand new self-penned songs which encompass all the craftsmanship learnt from the more than 280 songs written by this master songwriter.

The release of his new album will also coincide with the announcement of UK tour dates as Chris and his band perform ‘A Better World’ across the UK in 2017.


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Enjoy an Exclusive interview with Chris and Alex Belfield via YouTube….

The campaign for ‘A Better World’ will commence with the release of the first single from the new album ‘Bethlehem’ – a dynamic rock track reminiscent of the global hits ‘Don’t Pay The Ferryman’ and ‘High On Emotion’.

Here’s Alex & Chris…

Chris De Burgh Alex Belfield Interview

Chris’ first album included Lady In Red which regularly wins ASCAP awards for being one of the most played songs on the planet.

The album also included such hits as ‘The Ballroom Of Romance’, ‘Say Goodbye To It All’, ‘The Spirit Of Man’ and ‘Fire On The Water’.

Interview by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 23rd March 2016