Interview Jessica-Jane Stafford

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Jessica-Jane Stafford is the actress, presenter and model from Sheffield.

Best known for Dream Team and Devil’s Tower, she shot to fame on The Real Hustle.

Jessica has been married to Lee Stafford since February 17, 2013. They have three children.

The former I’m A Celeb contestant married hairdresser Lee Stafford, who she met on BBC show Celebrity Scissorhands back in 2008.

We talk to Jessica about the Cats Protections National Cat Awards 2017 held at the Savoy.

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Jessica is a huge supporter of PETA & against cosmetic testing on animals.

As a child she had 20 rescued cats and follows the passion of her parents for animal rights.

Fifteen fantastic felines from across the UK have been battling it out this year at Cats Protection’s National Cat Awards, hoping to get their paws on the coveted title of National Cat of the Year.

Following a nationwide call to action in February, the charity received a record number of entries for cats that have performed outstanding acts of courage, loyalty or determination.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 3rd August 2017.