Jake Canuso Interview 2018

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Jake Canuso Interview 2018…

Jake is one of the most loved characters from Benidorm – now touring LIVE in 2018.

Previously a dancer, Canuso appeared dressed as a ballet dancer in the music video for ‘No More I Love You’s’ by Annie Lennox.

He also appeared in the video of Kakko’s 1990 video ‘We Should Be Dancing’, Alex Party’s 1995 hit single ‘Don’t Give Me Your Life’ as well as the video for Carter USM’s Let’s Get Tattoos and 2 unlimited’s 1995 hit, Here I go.

Canuso stars in the ITV comedy series Benidorm as barman Mateo Castellanos and is the sitcom’s longest-serving actor alongside Janine Duvitski who plays Jacqueline.

In January 2013, Canuso participated in ITV diving show Splash!, hosted by Tom Daley.

Enjoy an exclusive HD Video interview with Janine Duvitski & Jake Canuso via YouTube:

Here’s Alex & Jake on tour with BENIDORM LIVE in 2018:

ITV’s award-winning comedy in now LIVE across the UK bringing the shenanigans & belly laughs of Benidorm to a theatre near you!

This show celebrates the lunacy of British holidaymakers in Spain’s most notorious resort where anything goes!

The nation fell in love with the staff and punters of the Solana in Benidorm for over a decade on TV – now you can see your favourite characters on stage in this 2 hour campfest of feelgood nonsense.

Enjoy the curtain call and standing ovation @ BENIDORM LIVE 2018:

Naturally, if you like the TV show you’ll LOVE Benidorm Live.

With clever staging, a slinky script and interestingly very little bad language – this is a night out for the whole family. Even your Aunty Fanny will like it!

Comedy genius Derren Litten has now written a new show (variation on the same old theme) as the staff and punters swap sangria for the Stoke and paella for Plymouth!

You’ll be chuckling all the way to the Costa’s! (The place not the coffee shop). If you’re lucky you might even end up swinging in the aisles with Jacqueline!

This is NOT Brecht or Pinter – it’s basically bawdy from the Balearics whilst being taken up the Blackpool Tower! If you don’t like relentless double-entendre, I’d stick with Phantom!

Expect a litany of camp old nonsense & chuckles in one of the most innuendo rammed comedy sitcoms in history. Sit and enjoy….or basically ‘Blow n Go’.

Book tickets for BENIDORM LIVE HERE!

Enjoy our EXCLUSIVE HD audio / video review via YouTube:

You’ll get all of your favourite characters other than Madge on her mobility scooter – health and safety banned her unfortunately. Nightmare backstage…

Starring Jake Canuso as Mateo, he has the only electric dance number in the show – he owns this part, Janine Duvitski (Jacqueline) is Queen of knowing smut (with heart) is truly delicous and Adam Gillen brings a Lee Evans physicality & energy to Liam.

Sherrie Hewson gets the biggest cheer as Joyce Temple-Savage and brings her usual ditzy megalomania to the role whilst Shelley Longworth is the lovable Sam – lovely singing voice too.

Most impressive was Tony Maudsley as Kenneth who has the nearest comic brilliance and warmth to Les Dawson that my generation will ever see. His stage presence fills the room. You cannot fail to love him – one of the best comic actors of his generation!

Nods also to Neptune’s very own Asa Elliott who is the ultimate club singer with impressive vocals & Damian Williams as ‘Gay Derek’ who drives the show with Dame like comic timing. The smutty limerick was inspired, formidably performed in the most beautifully crafted section of the show.

This production could be a victim of its own success – you’re either in or out. This show is deliberately aimed at ‘real’ people with northern sarcasm and humour. There’s no doubting Derren’s humour and rhythm at best is up there with Peter Kay.

There’s some very clever staging, perfectly timed mis-direction, lovely lighting but ultimately this is a cast driven comedy with music. With such a stellar cast of pros – it can’t fail if this is your bag.

It’s disappointing to see yet another production with no live music. At £50 for top priced tickets this is a liberty and doesn’t sit well with me. To work off track feels indefensible for this scale of production….on this length of tour.

Overall I loved the show and didn’t stop laughing for 2 hours. It is what it is. If you like Benidorm, you’ll love seeing BENIDORM LIVE!

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 10th September 2018.