James Hewitt Prince Harry Father NEW Exclusive Interview

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s James Hewitt Prince Harry Father NEW Exclusive Interview…..

A controversial new play about Princess Diana will reignite rumours that Prince Charles is not Prince Harry’s father.

The West End production – Truth, Lies, Diana – will suggest that former Household Cavalry officer James Hewitt fathered the fourth in line to the throne during his affair with Princess Diana.

Hear an exclusive interview with James Hewitt’s press officer Max Clifford and the Palace press officer Dicky Arbiter who denies Cliffords claims.

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Here’s Max and Dickie in EXCLUSIVE interview with Alex Belfield at Celebrity Radio:

Rumours about Harry’s paternity began to surface in the mid 1990s when details of Diana and Hewitt’s affair became public.

But James Hewitt has previously denied he is Harry’s dad.

In 2002 he told the Sunday Mirror: “There really is no possibility whatsoever that I am Harry’s father.

“I can absolutely assure you that I am not.”

He added: “Admittedly the red hair is similar to mine and people say we look alike.

“I have never encouraged these comparisons and although I was with Diana for a long time I must state once and for all that I’m not Harry’s father.

“When I met Diana, he was already a toddler.”

Diana’s former police bodyguard Ken Wharfe, also denied the rumours, writing: “The malicious rumours that still persist about the paternity of Prince Harry used to anger Diana greatly.

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Article uploaded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 28th December 2015.