James Hill 2016 Interview Celebrity Big Brother Winner

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s James Hill 2016 Interview Celebrity Big Brother Winner….

James an English entrepreneur and television personality.

He shot to fame in 2014 by taking part in the tenth series of The Apprentice on BBC1.

Most famously Hill captured the hearts of the nation and won Celebrity Big Brother during the sixteenth series in 2015.

James, who says he’s had to fend for himself since the age of 16, first started in business by setting up a hand car wash in his local area.

His entrepreneurial spark began aged 13 when he sold chocolate bars to his classmates and he believed his ‘strength of character’ would see him through Sir Alan’s recruitment process.

The multiple business owner’s previous ventures include supplying gaming machines to bars and clubs in the UK, which he later expanded to Ireland, and opening a restaurant and bar.

James will be appearing in Snow White at the Epstein Theatre Liverpool in March 2016.


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Enjoy an Exclusive interview with James and Alex Belfield…

James describes himself as enthusiastic and energetic with a drive to succeed, though says he can be a bit of a know-it-all and that his tendency to get ‘over excited’ may get on people’s nerves.

Interview recorded by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 2nd Feb 2016