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Janet Jackson Weight Loss: How The New Mom Shed 70 Pounds

Janet Jackson defied expectations by shedding 70 pounds and sculpting her physique without traditional cardio workouts. Instead, she embraced targeted weight training, guided by her dedicated trainer through intense 45-minute sessions, four times a week. 

Their mindful approach prioritized safety and sustainability, emphasizing fat-burning and muscle sculpting without risking injury. Janet’s journey highlights the importance of balance, advocating occasional indulgence alongside dedicated fitness. 

This article explores Janet Jackson’s remarkable transformation, addressing common questions and misconceptions while drawing inspiration from her holistic approach to health and well-being.

Janet Jackson’s Weight Loss Journey

After welcoming her baby boy, Eissa, she’s gotten into the best shape of her life. She did it without any traditional cardio workouts. Instead, she and her trainer developed a fresh approach focused on weight training, helping her shed an impressive 70 lbs.

Their routine was no joke, though. They hit the gym together four times weekly, powering through intense 45-minute sessions. But here’s the kicker: they skipped the exercises that can be tough on the body, opting for targeted weight exercises instead. This got Janet’s heart pumping and boosted her fat-burning potential both during and after her workouts.

While their initial goal was weight loss, they shifted their focus to maintaining Janet’s incredible figure and overall health. And even though she’s dedicated to staying fit, Janet knows the importance of balance. She treats herself occasionally, understanding that indulging in a slice of chocolate cake won’t derail her progress overnight.

How did Janet Jackson gain so much weight?

Janet Jackson admits that she gained weight by indulging in whatever food she desired. She described it as enjoying the freedom to eat anything she wanted, such as whole cake slices. Over time, she realized that her habits had transformed her appearance, so she no longer recognized herself when looking in the mirror.

Is Janet Jackson A vegan?

Janet Jackson has fluctuated between vegetarianism and pescatarianism over the years. While she was vegetarian as a child, she now primarily follows a plant-based diet.

Did Janet Jackson have a rib removed?

No, Janet Jackson has never had a rib removed. She has addressed the rumors surrounding extreme plastic surgery, including the false claim about having ribs removed, stating that they are lies that make her angry but that she has never bothered to reply to them.

How did Janet Jackson lose weight fast?

Janet Jackson managed to slim down fast through a rigorous workout routine, hitting the gym with her trainer four times a week for at least 45 minutes each session. Their approach was intense but mindful, avoiding exercises that could strain her body. Instead, they focused on three or four consecutive weight-based exercises to maximize results without overtaxing her.

Janet Jackson’s impressive 70-pound weight loss journey involved a combination of disciplined lifestyle changes, including diet, exercise, and mental well-being. Here are some key components:

1. Diet

Balanced Nutrition: Janet focused on a balanced diet, rich in lean proteins, vegetables, and whole grains, while avoiding processed foods, sugars, and unhealthy fats.
Portion Control: She practiced portion control to ensure she consumed the right amount of calories without overeating.
Hydration: Staying hydrated is crucial, as it helps in maintaining metabolism and reducing hunger pangs.

2. Exercise

Personal Training: Janet worked with personal trainer Paulette Sybliss, who tailored a workout routine to her needs and goals.
Strength Training: Emphasis was placed on strength training exercises to build muscle, increase metabolism, and promote fat loss.
Cardio Workouts: Cardio exercises, such as running, cycling, and dance workouts, were included to boost cardiovascular health and burn calories.
Consistency: Maintaining a regular exercise routine was essential for continuous progress.

3. Mental Well-Being

Positive Mindset: Janet adopted a positive mindset, focusing on her goals and staying motivated.
Stress Management: Techniques such as meditation, yoga, and adequate rest help manage stress levels, which can impact weight loss.
Support System: Having a supportive network of family, friends, and professionals provided encouragement and accountability.

4. Professional Guidance

Nutritionist and Trainer: Working with a nutritionist and a professional trainer helped Janet follow a structured and effective plan.
Customized Plan: Her weight loss strategy was customized to fit her lifestyle, ensuring it was sustainable and effective.

These combined efforts contributed to Janet Jackson’s successful weight loss, showcasing the importance of a holistic approach to health and fitness.


How much weight has Janet Jackson gained?

Janet Jackson reportedly gained 60 pounds, but she has since lost it. She admits to being shocked by her weight gain and realizing how heavy she had become.

Is Janet Jackson diabetic? 

Janet Jackson was close to having diabetes but has managed to avoid it by staying mindful of her health. She emphasizes the importance of exercise and keeping it fun to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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