Jerry Springer The Opera

Jerry Springer The Opera was one of the worlds most controversial plays of all time!

Written by Stewart Lee, it caused a crisis at the BBC when it was broadcast on BBC2. Millions of people who hadn’t seen it were totally outraged!

Jerry Springer: The Opera is a British musical written by Richard Thomas and Stewart Lee, based on the television show The Jerry Springer Show. The musical is notable for its profanity, its irreverent treatment of Judeo-Christian themes, and surreal images, such as a troupe of tap-dancing Ku Klux Klan members. The musical is completely sung through, with only two exceptions: the title character, Jerry, who speaks throughout the production; and Steve, who has a brief speech.

The musical ran for 609 performances in London from April 2003 to February 2005 before touring the UK in 2006.

Jerry Springer: The Opera was the subject of controversy beginning in January 2005, when its UK television broadcast on BBC Two elicited 55,000 complaints. The Christian Institute attempted to bring a private prosecution against the BBC, but the Magistrates Court refused to issue a summons, a decision which was later upheld by the High Court of Justice Protests continued at tour venues in 2006 and on the Internet.

Ryan Molloy is a remarkable West End Star who’s worked around the world and now as Frankie Valli in ‘Jersey Boys’.

Molloy is a British singer, songwriter and actor, who replaced Holly Johnson as the lead singer in Frankie Goes to Hollywood. He has also been successful in musical theatre, appearing in a number of hit musicals in the UK including Taboo, Jerry Springer The Opera & Jersey Boys.

Alex went to meet Ryan backstage…..