Jersey Boys Musical On Broadway

Enjoy Celebrity Radio’s Jersey Boys Musical On Broadway….

Belfield loves seeing the Jersey Boys. The Broadway production seem to have the edge over the other hugely successful versions around the world.

It’s a real life New Jersey story told across the river. This is a well written, beautifully sung and powerful musical that tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. It’s not just ‘fluff’…it’s warts and all!

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Search ‘Valli’ in the top right hand corner to hear an Exclusive interview with Frankie and Bob, the writers and Stars of the Four Seasons.

Alex flew to Broadway to interview the four Stars of the show.

Here’s Jarrod Spector & Dominic Scaglione Jr:

This show plays nightly around the world on Broadway, in the West End and is still going strong in Las Vegas.

You cannot fail to be moved by this story of love, hate, honour, integrity and friendship.

Bob and Frankie do everything on trust and a handshake – total trust with is unbelievable by today’s showbiz standards. A truly inspirational story.

Here’s Sebastian Arcelus & Matt Bogart:

Recorded 2010 by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio on Broadway