Jim Davidson Interview Winner CBB 2014

Enjoy Jim Davidson Interview Winner CBB 2014 Interview….

Jim Davidson has rarely been out of the news over the last 30 years. From fronting Big Break, The Generation Game and The Jim Davidson Show – he’s done it all.

In 2013 Jim made front page news for his arrest by ‘Operation Yewtree’ and subsequently all charges were dropped and Jim was cleared of all allegations. He maintained his innocence throughout.

In Jan 2014 Jim stole the hearts of the UK and won C5’s Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

Jim Davidson wins Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Exclusive BBC Interview and life story with alex belfield @ www.celebrityradio.biz Jim Davidson Celebrity Big Brother C5 2014 - Exclusive BBC Interview 2014 with Alex Belfield @ www.celebrityradio.biz Jim Davidson Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Exclusive BBC Interview & Life Story with Alex Belfield at www.celebrityradio.biz

Jim Davidson rarely talks to journalists, however, he’s always loved talking to Alex Belfield about his life and career.

Jim is truly one of the funniest and most entertaining personalities of his generation. There is certainly no other Star who is this honest in a studio.

From bankruptcy, Dubai, wives, children, hating hotels & Piers Morgan – Davidson reveals all….

Jim tells Alex that Piers Morgan stitched him up on his ‘Life Stories’. Davidson thinks America is the best place for Morgan……

Jim Davidson’s last reality show ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ in 2007 ended in disaster and one of the UK’s biggest media storms in history.

The 70’s Mega-Star comic was accused of being homophobic and bullying Brian Dowling after using the phrase ‘Shirt Lifter’. Ironically Brian shot to fame on none other than Big Brother.

Here’s Jim’s side of the story from an Exclusive interview in 2008…..

Here’s Alex & Jim’s first Exclusive 20 minute interview recorded Doncaster for the BBC….

Davidson talks to Belfield about life after bankruptcy & moving to Dubai…..

Jim Davidson talks about Hell’s Kitchen, being misunderstood, the Press, Dubai, the taxman and going bankrupt….

Pub Jan 2014