Jim Davidson Innocent ~ Exclusive Life Story

In 2013 Jim Davidson Innocent ~ here’s Jim’s Exclusive Life Story

In Jan 2013 Jim Davidson was arrested & later re-arrested for various alleged historic sex offences. On 21/8/2013 the case was closed with no further action to taken by Operation Yewtree & the Police.

Jim Davidson was one of the UK’s biggest Stars in the 80’s and 90’s with two prime-time shows on BBC1 on Saturday nights. ‘Big Break’ & ‘Generation Game’ were mega-hits drawing more than 10 million viewers most nights.

On the road, Davidson was one of the most popular, loved and successful touring comedians ever in the UK.

Jim Davidson Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Exclusive BBC Interview with Alex Belfield @ www.celebrityradio.biz Jim Davidson Interview Bankruptcy Jim Davidson Interview About Brian Dowling - Hell's Kitchen ITV with Alex Belfield

Despite is obvious popularity, Davidson is continually surrounded by controversy – whether it’s Ex-wives, speeding tickets, alleged sexism, homophobia or racism he’s faced it all. However, nothing has been more shameful than the accusations that were made against him this year.

In June 2013 Davidson told Alex Belfield “It’s been the worst & most difficult year of my life!”

Belfield has always been a huge fan of Jim. Davidson has incredible comic timing and no matter what you think about his comedy, material or personality – millions of people loved (and still love) to see him Live and on the TV.

Jim has also raised millions for the British troops positioned around the world and travelled to entertain them personally since the 70’s.

Because of their friendship, Jim has always had an openness, honesty and understanding with Alex as he didn’t take cheep shots like so many in the media. Belfield was able to get a rare, in-depth, exclusive insight into the world of Jim Davidson and most importantly, how he views himself amidst constant public distain.

Alex has spoken to Jim many times over the last 15 years and here are 3 of their best, most revealing and honest interviews:

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3) Jim talks about his appearance on Piers Morgan Life Stories in 2008 as well of the state of the UK.

His biggest worry in 2008 political correctness……

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