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So it’s early October and I arrive at the Doncaster Dome for the first time to be greeted by the worst looking and most old, tired, dilapidated, ugly, badly maintained theatre in my 15 year reviewing career.

I sensed immediately that Jim would not be happy. As I took to Twitter Jim is already spitting feathers telling his 150,000 followers “The Dome is a dump it looks derelict. Dirty and awful”. Ouch. We were in for a night….

Further messages followed confirming his dressing was so terrible he was sitting in his car.

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What I love about Jim is that he speaks his mind. Most of his bile is just comedy and bravado but what I do know is that when he’s pissed off he’s not to be messed with!

I first met Jim nearly 20 years ago and I’m a massive fan. I love the fact he has an opinion, has original thoughts and doesn’t play to the media for pointless praise, acceptance and being on the ‘in crowd’.

I don’t necessarily agree with many of Jim’s strong opinions, nor am I a fan of his gynaecological banter – however, I would defend him to death to be able to do the show he feels most comfortable performing.

Jim has had a remarkable career. From stand-up mega-star in the 70’s & 80’s, hero to the troops, Saturday night TV king in the 90’s & pariah in the naughties after several disastrous TV appearances, endless divorces, a  bankruptcy & stitch up by Operation Yewtree.

Well, in early 2014 Jim was back after winning not only Big Brother – but the hearts of the nation. Jim has certainly had more ups and downs than Katie Price’s nickers!

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Davidson starts the show with a 15 minute rant about how appalling the venue was – everything was wrong. I loved this as it was ‘just for us’. It takes great bravery to walk out on stage and effectively bite the hand that feeds you! The audience loved it.

He started on the lack of set, ripped curtains, broken stage and then moved on to the audience beginning with the lack of fashion and ending with the late-comers (HUGE MISTAKE) “Come on in mate, I’d bring my wife in in the dark if she looked like yours!” Jim then brilliantly repeated the first 10 minutes of the show at double speed for the  late comers. One of the biggest laughs of the night and truly inspired.

Next Davidson finally got into his polished material. Bernard Manning once told me “I don’t pick on anyone I pick on everyone” – Jim follows this mantra throughout.

His targets range from Guardian readers to fat women via those on benefits, Lib Dem supporters & various celebrities including Bruce Forsyth, Terry Wogan, Ben Elton & Lenny Henry.

Jim is brutal and makes no apologies for it. He’s got an extra venom these days. He’s also got a vulnerability that gives him an extra warmth.

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There is no question Operation Yewtree has changed him – it’s very lucky it didn’t ruin completely as it has for so many others. The fact he was totally innocent did not stop them ruining his life for over a year and costing him £250,000+.

Davidson makes us seriously question whether it is right to ‘name and shame’ celebrities with no consequences for the accusers if they’re found to have made it up. To have your life, career and reputation taken away from you without foundation has to be totally immoral. Hearing Jim’s year of hell was enlightening but also hugely concerning.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel sorry for Jim through the show as he’s so aggressive and incredibly crude, however, especially half way through you can truly see the vulnerability of a former mega-star who had it all taken away from him and has finally got most of it back.

He’s no longer the Star of prime-time family TV but he’s still an incredible raconteur, stand-up comedian and hugely brave and creative entertainer.

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The best compliment I pay Jim Davidson is that he is totally fearless. That is only to be admired in a business full of bland amidst a tsunami of dull.

Well done Jim. Keep on keeping on! 4****

Review by Alex Belfield for Celebrity Radio 4th October 2014.